Create a brand story video

written by Robbie Coblentz December 3, 2016

A brand story video is used to introduce customers to your company.

The idea is to tell your story and explain why you started producing your product or service. A brand story video is more about who you are and why you do what you do rather than focusing on a specific item for sale. Think warm and fuzzy like Budweiser and the Clydesdales or brash and funny like Dollar Shave Club.

A few basics on how to create a brand story video:

Simple is best. Start with a single idea and stick to it. Don’t barrage the viewer with a bunch of ideas and hope that one sticks.

Keep it brief. Make your video length under 3 minutes. In fact, aim for 2 minutes. Or even 60 seconds.

Message at front. Don’t bury you message in the body of the video. Get to it as soon as possible. Viewers lose interest otherwise and quickly will move to another video.

Avoid small graphics. More and more video consumption is happening on mobile devices. (Source:  Don’t make your viewers pull out a magnifying glass to see your on-screen graphics when viewing on a phone or tablet.

Make it interesting. Is your product anther in a long line of widgets that does the same as every other widget? Or does it do something different? Or can you do something different with it? Blendtec has taken their “Will it blend” videos and created a viral sensation by blending almost anything. It’s a great way to take an ordinary appliance — like a blender — and turn it into something fun.

The brand story video we did for the farm-to-table movement in Starkville, MS is linked above.  It’s a short film told through the eyes of the chefs and farmers making the change. It’s a good example of how you can promote your brand in a storytelling fashion.